Criticality Analysis

An Axis-managed criticality analysis will seek to determine the importance of equipment as it pertains to the system it is supporting. Performing a criticality analysis will allow maintenance tasks to be assigned mainly to critical equipment. This will help avoid adverse consequences associated with true equipment failures, eliminating the need for discretionary maintenance activities. One major cost benefit of this approach is the insight to safely abandon maintenance-intensive programs and focus more on equipment-specific condition monitoring and predictive maintenance programs on critical equipment.

Axis-managed Criticality Analyses are normally performed in sessions with the attendance of a facilitator and team of subject matter experts.  These subject matter experts will be chosen from mechanical, instrumentation, electrical, reliability and operations fields.


Typical equipment/system data to be collected or identified includes:
  • Functions – Primary and secondary
  • Functional Failure
  • Failure Modes/Causes/Effects
  • Failure Classification (FCn)
  • Detectable – Yes / No