PM & Job Plan Development

Axis Subject Matter Experts are well versed in the development of PM strategies that are consistent with a sound maintenance philosophy.  Axis routinely works with clients to build philosophies that will ultimately reflect industry best practices, regulatory concerns and Client corporate policies.


Axis-developed Job Plans and Work Instructions typically include:
  • Step by step instructions in the “What to Do” level of detail for only the major activities for each discipline
  • Identify resources to complete the task (e.g. Operator, Mechanic, Electrician, Instrument Tech, Turbine Tech, Valve Tech, or General Maintenance)
  • Include estimated time to complete major activities
  • Identify parts required to support each task. Items such as grease, oil, machinists bluing, etc. will only be identified by description. Axis team members will identify the CMMS material item (catalog) number if available to identify the non-consumable spare parts required
  • A list of special tools or instruments required to support tasks will be identified if/when information is readily available


The final deliverable for this particular phase in the project normally includes load templates populated with fully developed data/information necessary to add or modify the PM Schedule and Job Plans within the CMMS.