Commissioning Support




Systems Completion Tools

Axis-developed Systems Completion Packages typically include an assemblage of both Axis-generated and vendor-supplied data pertaining to all major systems for a given project. In most cases, Axis will gather, combine and supplement the following documents from the Client's commissioning team:

  • Certificates / System Turnover Notices
  • System Descriptions
  • Annotated P&IDs
  • System Boundaries and Prerequisite Systems
  • MC Checksheets and Test Reports
  • Dynamic Commissioning Procedures
  • Vendor Support
  • Preservation
  • Commissioning Materials, Spares, Test Equipment
  • Project Documents
  • Redline and Vendor Drawings
  • FAT Data
Example of an Auto-generated Axis Checksheet



 Field Commissioning Tablet

As believers in the use of technology to make certain tasks more efficient, Axis has created a Field Commissioning Tablet application that significantly reduces time and effort typically spent during the pre-commissioning phase. More specifically, pre-loaded checksheets are digitally stored and become interactive such that a user can physically walk-down a piece of equipment while seamlessly inputting data. Furthermore, this data is tied to a live dashboard reporting tool which gives visibility to the specific piece of equipment as well as the big picture.


Screenshot from Punchlisting Overview Module


Screenshot from Punchlisting Detail Module



Live Dashboard Reporting

Given the "single point of truth" data philosophy enabled by Axis' database approach, innovative tools and features are made possible. One such feature is a live dashboard which gives real-time insight into the pre-commissioning activities of a given project. When combined with the field commissioning tablet, data from the field feeds customizable, dynamic reports that can be accessed remotely. These reports are real-time so instant visibility into mechanical completion and handover is now at your fingertips.


Sample Reporting Screen from Live, Systems Completion Dashboard



Commissioning and Start-up Document Development

Axis-developed Start-up and Commissioning documents typically cover everything required to introduce hydrocarbons into a given facility. Some of these functions include:

  • Purging & Filling
  • Pressurizing equipment/systems
  • Initial Startup of equipment


The start-up documents are meant to contain sections with the required resources necessary for the start-up team to complete their work. Some of these sections are as follows:

  • High level system descriptions
  • Company policy requirements, work process guidelines, checklists, permits, etc.
  • Detailed purging and filling procedures (at P&ID tag level detail)
  • Detailed pressurizing procedures (at P&ID tag level detail)
  • Detailed initial startup procedures (at P&ID tag level detail)
  • Annotated/Marked up P&IDs showing proper valve positions, purging/filling locations, etc.
  • Valve alignment tables for each start-up scenario


Axis typically includes complete valve tables as part of the start-up document deliverable. These valve tables are intended to line up a complete facility for the introduction of hydrocarbons. These valve tables can include all isolations, LOTO and prerequisite valve positions for workpack execution. Axis-developed valve tables often cover all manual and DCS operated valves that are either OPENED or CLOSED in normal operating conditions.

Our experience has shown that most valve tables will contain the following information:

  • Tag Number and Tag Description
  • Normal Position (NO, NC, CSO, CSC, LO, LC)
  • Fail Position (if applicable) (FO, FC)
  • LOTO/blinds