Operating Procedures

Operating procedures are often not detailed or clear enough to be used effectively in the field. Poorly written or vague procedures can actually lead to bad habits whereby operators simply don't use them.   Axis recognizes this pitfall and has taken a fresh approach to operating procedure development. Contrary to the norm, Axis-developed operating procedures can be very detailed and are reinforced with 3D visual aids to help the user to perform the activity with accuracy and clarity.

Because we believe that both personal and process safety start with competent operators having access to the right information, Axis-developed operating and maintenance procedures are site-specific and unique in nature. All Axis-developed documentation is geared toward competency assurance and full regulatory (including SEMS/PSM) compliance. One major tenet for SEMS/PSM compliance is a robust mechanism for Management of Change (MOC).  Axis documents truly excel in this category as they are written in an XML database (Symbiosis) - not just a Word document.  The database-driven nature of our documents means more control, less editing and more efficient gathering of technical content.

For clients with a tablet output or perhaps a "Smart" procedure repository, Axis procedures can easily be digitally mapped to any of these formats.  Utilize Axis' expertise to build your documents and deliver them to you in your format!


 EXAMPLE: Axis-Generated Operating Procedure



Interactive Procedure Aides

For certain applications, a simple PDF document containing a 3d model the user can manipulate has proven to be a useful tool. Given the visual nature in which we develop documents, producing these procedure aides is a simple and straightforward process.