Field Procedure Tablet

As a result of Axis’ ongoing efforts to enhance the Process Safety aspects of all deliverables, we have developed an electronic tablet output to support this function.  The Axis-tablet function supports all Axis-developed deliverables – including commissioning procedures, O&M procedures, JSA forms, etc. Given the granular, “intelligent” nature of Axis-developed documents, Axis developers simply map this data into a tablet-friendly format. 

The following is a summary of features available in tablet form:
  • User log-in; activity tracking
  • Procedures are selectable through simple slide bar menus
  • Project specific Notes, Cautions and Warnings must be acknowledged before the step is visible (if so desired by client)
  • Intuitive, swipe function to acknowledge procedure step
  • Steps can be visible one step at a time
  • Steps can be reviewed with no action, acknowledge step completed, or document that the step was skipped. All of this activity is logged and is available in a summary view to see what has and has not been done
  • Graphics (if applicable) are shown for each step and can be magnified, panned at any time while doing a step
  • P&ID numbers are displayed for each step
  • Location Descriptions are shown for each step
  • A summary of all steps can be opened at any time so operator can see overall progress, hyperlink to a specific step, etc
  • Simultaneous multi-user functionality is supported, with user-to-user progress communication via pop-up progress notifications
  • Control room/planning console function allows central, real time monitoring of multi-operator progress
  • Full record retention with automatic report-generation specific to exact procedure performed with operator credentials and timestamps
  • Free text fields allow/support operator field notes while performing a function. These notes are then instantly available to all operators logged into that particular procedure, as well as the central planner