Maintenance Procedures

Given the spectrum of tasks involved in a comprehensive Maintenance Strategy, Axis is experienced and capable of developing many aspects typically associated with Maintenance Procedures.  The following are the most common elements typically included as part of Axis-developed Maintenance Procedures.


General Equipment Maintenance Procedures: 

Axis-developed, General Equipment Maintenance Procedures will include common activities such as calibrating instruments, changing filters, changing belts, etc. These procedures will be common to many pieces of equipment (i.e. transmitter calibration) and will be grouped together accordingly.


Equipment Specific Maintenance Procedures:  

Equipment Specific Maintenance Procedures are specific to a process or piece of equipment.  Equipment Specific Maintenance Procedures typically include compressor packages, pump/motor packages, etc.  These particular procedures will be grouped by system to make them easy to access.

Axis-developed maintenance procedures will not include vendor specific procedures such as engine overhauls, pump overhauls, etc.  These activities require vendor specific training and the procedures must be performed exactly as the vendor specifies to prevent voiding warranties, etc.


Animated Maintenance Procedures

For situations where a critical, complex procedure might be required, we have found that one of the best tools for collaboration prior to commencing the procedure is visualization.  This helps to ensure that all parties are clear as to what the process will look like and what actions may be required.  Our team of 3D modelers and animators, combined with our highly experienced team of Oil and Gas Subject Matter Experts, can turn your procedures into 3D training aids.