Integrated Classroom Environment (ICE)

As a leader in the oil and gas technical training space, we are continually striving to develop new and inventive ways to meet our clients' needs. Given the great workforce change that is facing our industry, we anticipate a demand for highly effective training solutions geared toward a young or inexperienced workforce. That said, we also recognize today's economic climate and the need to cost effectively meet these objectives. Obviously the first choice when teaching new hires the oilfield would be giving them access to equipment firsthand. Logistically however, this becomes a challenge and the instruction is often limited to electronic and print media. While this approach can be sufficient, there are certain concepts that really require access to equipment and an astute instructor to guide a class through that equipment. Pairing the equipment access with the right instructor is key. This is the concept of ICE - Integrated Classroom Environment.

The ICE tool was built with one purpose - to bring the technical oilfield training classroom to life with visual interaction. The features we have built that exist in the ICE tool benefit both the instructor and the student in a number of ways.


SMART Boards and 3D Model Interactivity

The ICE tool empowers the instructor to convey concepts he or she may have traditionally struggled with. For example, describing how a weir works in a separator. Perhaps a traditional approach would be photographs to talk to. While that may have resonated with some students, others might not grasp the concept. Pairing ICE with a SMART Board or similar touch-TV, the instructor can now fully expand on their knowledge by taking the classroom inside the live, 3D separator model and navigating to the weir; all while explaining the functionality of the weir and how it fits within the overall functionality of the separator. To aide our instructors, we even have pre-stored hot spots in the model that will take he or she to that topic.  The instructor/classroom interaction that stems from this capability is truly remarkable and effective.




Interactive Games

Most learning and development professionals would agree that games geared toward the subject matter will undoubtedly increase both participation and retention. Making them fun and interactive only amplifies this concept. With the ICE "games" module, the instructor can automatically launch memory and challenge games directly from the ICE console. This tool automatically builds dynamic learning check activities from the subject material they covered that day, assigns teams and tracks scores. It's that easy!





Tablet Exploration

An effective approach to any type of classroom training is to periodically put the subject material into the students' hands. Whether that be just the printed text or a piece of equipment, students respond better with variety. With that concept, we built a tablet function that tethers the student to the instructor. This function is driven by the instructor and when desired, can push games, live 3D models and videos to the individual student tablets. For example, if the instructor just covered the sand jet system on a separator, he or she may now want the students to find that system on their own. In this case, the instructor would simply push the model out to the tablets. The students would then each have their own model to explore and navigate, thus demonstrating their grasp of that concept.  As far as the learning games, we have built in some fun exercises that include a visual speed match all while live trending performance for the instructor. This powerful feature can let the instructor know - (in real-time!) - whether or not a classroom is "getting it".


The ICE tool is obviously more than just SMART Boards and 3D models. It is an immersive, interactive experience that brings instructors and students closer together than ever before.  Please contact us to see this tool in person - you won't be disappointed!


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