Subsea Fundamentals

Subsea Fundamentals is one of our 101-style courses which introduces the learner to basic subsea production concepts. Similar to our Production 101 suite of courses, Subsea Fundamentals is an introduction to the subsea production system process, including wellheads, manifolds, flowlines, risers, pumps, umbilicals, etc. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to do the following:

  • Explain the subsea production system process
  • Understand the components of a wellhead
  • Understand the components of a manifold
  • Describe the subsea control systems
  • Define the components of a subsea production system
  • Describe how we operate a subsea production system


Below is a sample of topics featured in the Subsea Fundamentals course:
  • Startup/Shutdown
  • Hot vs Cold Startups
  • Pigging
  • Well Equalization/Bullheading
  • Hot Oil Circulation/Dead Oil Circulation
  • Hydrate Mitigation
  • Corrosion/Scale Prevention
  • Paraffin/Solids Prevention