At the heart of everything we do, there is Symbiosis. Symbiosis is our proprietary, in-house, XML-based data management software that drives every Axis deliverable. Inclusive of our dynamic commissioning tools, structured operating procedures, CMMS repositories and training deliverables, everything revolves around the hierarchical asset data stored for each project in Symbiosis.

We built Symbiosis because we believe in maximizing the use of technology to minimize the possibility of man-made errors. This is why we have very strict processes in place for data gathering and quality control. Symbiosis relies on structured relationships in order to give us real-time insight into how equipment tags/data are being used at all times. This data visibility lends itself to dashboard-style reporting, which enables our in-house developers as well as our clients to view the process from the 30,000 ft. level down to the ground level detail. Therefore, “garbage in, garbage out” is something we are driven to prevent and why we take pride in maintaining data quality from day 1.

One of the biggest benefits of how we extract, consume and manage data is our Management of Change capabilities. Because there are no data silos and everything is tied together, we can cost effectively manage change throughout a capital project lifecycle. As previously stated, everything feeds off of the core asset data that is stored and managed in Symbiosis.


Management of Change

Utilizing Symbiosis, Axis can dynamically link the smart documents developed for a particular client facility directly to the associated Master Equipment List (MEL).    This approach has revolutionized the approach to MOC and will now enable the client to maintain evergreen documents while significantly reducing errors associated with traditional hand-typed tag references.  At any point a change is made to information in the MEL, all tag references within the Axis-developed documents can be automatically updated to reflect these changes.  This powerful MOC tool is especially beneficial for Integrity Critical Procedures, when more frequent re-validation is required.

Document Intelligence

Although Axis-developed documents are output into client format based templates in any medium desired by the client (hardcopy, .pdf, .doc, etc.), the data actually exists in very small, equipment specific data-blocks that are connected via a document map.  The advantage for our clients is our ability to tie document intelligence (interactive hyperlinks, table of contents, live-indexing, etc.) to these data-blocks.  As change occurs through the lifecycle of the documents, any updates can be automatically maintained as a result of the intelligent document structure.      


Document Detail

In addition to the MOC and technical accuracy benefits for major capital projects, the reuseable content feature of Symbiosis (a result of being database driven) now allows for Axis technical authors to write to tag-level detail without having to hand type large amounts of text.  This level of detail combined with Axis’ consistent use of statements, from the library of statements in Symbiosis, provides for documents that cover every tagged item referenced on a P&ID the same way throughout all operating documents. Because Integrity Critical Procedures are typically written to such a high level of detail, Axis-developed procedures equip the operator with user friendly tools to ensure these detailed documents are practical and useful.